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JUNE 2016    
EK Health Featured in Forbes Magazine  
Eunhee Kim is a home health nurse who built two companies that are transforming managed care in the workers' compensation industry. Now she's turning up on the pages of Forbes Magazine.

"You begin where you are and try to make things better. If you need more skills, you go out and get them. Or you find the top people who have the skills and make them part of your team. That's how I've built two companies," says Eunhee Kim.

"We've always been convinced that taking care of the injured employee, facilitating quality care, and working closely with all parties involved results in the strongest outcomes. For everyone here - our nurses, our doctors, our technology team at DataCare - the patients are in the forefront."


EK Health is excited to announce the launch of our brand new website! In keeping with our Vision statement to 
"Transform managed care with everyone in mind", we felt it was time our website underwent a transformation to better highlight the strengths, values, and people who have helped EK become a leading managed care company.

You will see a site that is not only more visually appealing, but also greater functionality, and a few new features. 
  • Client Testimonials - we believe we are the best in what we do, and our clients and their injured workers agree. Click Here to see what folks are saying about EK Health.
  • Submit a Referral Online - our user-friendly online referral forms now make it a breeze to submit a case referral. Click Here to explore our referral forms.

We invite you to explore the new website, and we hope you find it a fresh and modern transformation.

EK Health's Executive Vice President, Kerri Wilson, recently participated as a guest speaker at the 14th Annual California Coalition on Workers' Compensation (CCWC) conference as part of the Legislative & Education Forum, that took place July 13-15, 2016.

She presented key insights into innovative tools for Bill Review as part of the topic "Injury Management: What Your Bill Review Vendor Can Do For You". Specifically, the presentation focused on how bill review data analytics can be utilized to identify problem claims, manage provider networks as well as detect possible billing abuse. 

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